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Raising concerns

Raising concerns relating to research misconduct  

We understand that individuals and organisations may want advice or help for investigations of conduct and misconduct. However, the committee is unable to:  

  • investigate individual cases 
  • comment on individual cases   
  • independently verify whether a research organisation has followed appropriate processes to investigate allegations of research misconduct  

If you have a concern relating to research misconduct  

If you have a concern about practice or behaviour within an organisation, you should follow the organisation’s complaints and grievance policies. 

Our role in handling allegations of research misconduct 

The committee is neither a regulator nor an approved whistleblowing organisation. We do not have the legal authority to intervene in individual cases or to escalate your concerns.  

If you wish to escalate whistleblowing concerns, please read the government guidance on whistleblowing for employees

For more information about how the committee is working to improve research integrity at the system level, see our work.  

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