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Our work

Our vision is that the UK’s research system continues to be known for its research integrity, which:  

  • is central to all work and actions of all individuals, groups, and organisations in research 
  • enhances and protects the quality of research 
  • safeguards confidence in research  

Collaboration is at the heart of the UK Committee on Research Integrity. We invite and encourage views from the research community. 


Our objectives are to: 

  • promote research integrity across the UK and internationally 
  • maintain and support high integrity in all research environments and across all disciplines 
  • support good governance of research practice, including through strategic input into processes relating to regulation and assurance 
  • explain how research integrity improves the wider environment, along with research culture  
  • identify how systemic pressures affect research integrity, and improve the system to reduce these pressures 
  • work widely with research organisations, including higher education institutions, research institutes, public, private and third sector organisations 
  • collaborate with existing bodies on national and local levels to enhance research integrity in the UK 

Read our 2023 to 2025 strategic plan (PDF) and work plan (PDF).


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